First Grade

First grade is full of fun and learning and there is a great deal of growth made throughout the year!  Students come into first grade learning how to read repetition books and leave knowing how to use strategies to blend letters and vowel patterns to read beginner chapter books. Every child is exposed to guided reading to ensure he/she is getting exactly what is needed to make be successful in reading. 

First grade also spends a lot of time with writing. Throughout the year, we work on Narrative, Opinion and Informational writing. Students go from sounding out and stretching words to being able to start writing chapter books with details. 

In Math, we learn about shapes, place values, unknown numbers, story problems along with much more. We use a variety of manipulatives and games to help us practice and review materials. 

Science is very hands on and students learn using experiments for air, weather, plants, animals, light and sounds. First grade is a fun and exciting year because not only do we learn educational lessons, we also learn how to interact with one another and become independent learners. It’s a great year filled with lots of learning and adventures!



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