Mrs. Karie Ervans

Welcome to Mrs. Ervans’ English Literature Classes. Without a doubt, English class is the most important class that you, as a student, will take. It is the foundation for processing information all throughout your life. That being said, not everyone loves English class as much as I do! And that, my dear students, is 100% okay.


In this classroom, you will learn. It’s as simple as that. I accept you from where you are at with your skills and abilities; I am determined to help you move forward. In order to do this, we will read, discuss, contemplate, argue, present, formulate, and speculate on all types of literature. From short stories to novels, from poems to opinions, from non-fiction to memoirs, each type of literature you encounter, we will grapple through together. Not only will you learn about literature, but you will also learn about the world around you. When you leave this classroom, I want each of you to have the necessary skills to read, interpret and comprehend the materials you will come across in everyday life.


The focus of each class will change throughout your years in high school. Below you will find some basic information about the focus and direction of the four years of English Language Arts.


ELA 9 - An introductory course to review all the basic literary elements and prepare students for deeper analysis in later years. We will focus on the understanding of theme and how authors use other literary elements to cultivate theme. Much of the homework for this class will include preparing for class by reading and responding to ideas so you can come to class ready to be prepared to discuss and learn. Together we will explore shorts stories, informational texts, a novel, poetry and a Shakespeare play.


ELA 10 - A themed class with a focus on British Literature and how it influenced American culture. We will focus on developing a better ability to infer meaning through early British Literature all the way through some contemporary novels. We will focus on developing argumentative writing and speaking skills and how to evaluate other’s arguments. Much of the homework for this class will be in the form of reading and writing to be prepared to participate in class activities.


ELA 11 - A themed class with a focus on American Literature and the historical progression of literary culture. We start with early American literature and compare the time periods through the literature with notable historical events. We also continue to evaluate arguments, their structure and effectiveness, through historical literature and other sources. Students will also read contemporary American plays and novels and start to look for trends in thematic ideas across the literature. Also expanded is the writing emphasis as we start to look at research, avoiding plagiarism and formal essay writing in the form of a major research paper.


ELA 12 - The culmination of each year prior, this year focuses on a thematic look at the American Dream through literature with an evolution to each student contemplating their own dreams and goals for their lives. Our writing emphasis takes on a more real world application as we start to focus on the future of college and jobs. Students will participate in many presentations and group activities to build skills of collaboration and contributing to a greater whole. Students will complete their year by completing a senior portfolio (rubric is received the first week of school) and a final presentation to underclassman.